Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CLUES Fears at Work

I recently conducted a survey asking what are your fears at work?

There were some interesting responses. For example:

Hi Anne...I work as a Contracts Manager [new role in the last 5 months]...my 'fear' is not knowing what to advise or worst still, giving the wrong advice, when a contractual issue arises...people [clients, managers & my staff] rely on me to be correct...this is sometimes difficult...my strategy at present is to research/consult/evaluate options & risk before advice...works at the moment, but sometimes demands exceed timelines with my strategy. What do you think?

Other 'fears' included:
  • Discussing with people why they are accountable for their actions, and that it is not necessarily someone else's fault or problem.

  • Performance appraisal interviews

  • Providing different opinion to manager or colleagues and having to prove my point confidently.

Care to comment on or add to the list?