Thursday, May 15, 2014

Do you wish you could just forget some things (or some people!)?

Memories makes us who we are. They bring us joy, bring us pain and mostly keep us safe from harm.

At work, memories of bad change efforts often get in the way of new initiatives and derail change implementation and take up.

You've all heard the phrases: 'Here we go again'; They tried this before'; 'Just wait, it will pass'.

So any research about how to manage the impact of memories is interesting for change managers.

For PTSD sufferers, it's vitally important.

This article, Is it possible to forget? describes some research that shows there is a difference between 'high-control' people and 'low-control' and their ability to block out bad memories.

Doesn't provide us with a magic cure yet but it keeps adding more to the search for a solution to the impact of bad memories.

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