Thursday, September 25, 2014

7 + 4 steps to get your M&A to succeed

40 to 80% of mergers fail to meet objectives.  This reported study of 94 mergers between 2004 - 2008 confirms what most of us see in failed change attempts. Leadership is the key.

There are 3 key findings:

(1) Leadership capabilities in both acquirers and targets predict success and are equally important

(2) 7 specific leadership competences for acquirers and 4 for targets predict success.

(3) Senior leadership capabilities in acquirers and middle management leadership in targets have the greatest effect on success.

Acquirer Leaders:
  1. Motivate others
  2. Influence others
  3. Build relationships
  4. Develop others
  5. Act with integrity
  6. Show adaptability
  7. Focus on customer needs

Target Leaders:
  1. Motivate others
  2. Influence others
  3. Build relationships
  4. Provide direction

In the positively performing deals, based on financial returns, companies with all 7 competences outperformed their country index by 8.4% and their industry index by 10.4%.

Key takeaways:
  • Do your due diligence on leadership capabilities - they predict success
  •  Assess collective leadership capabilities of acquirer and target as part of your due diligence, and integration planning.
  • Consider also beneficial contracts to retain middle managers in targets

The Leaders Who Make M&A Work
By J. Keith Dunbar

Harvard Business Review Sept 2014 p28


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